AIM is the multi-channel contact center for Seventh-day Adventist® media outreach in the North American Division. Our main function is to process requests, sense interested persons who may be upgraded for further studies, and refer these interests to local churches. Our personality, efficiency of process, and personal care are to be a positive influence on individuals to study Scripture, surrender their hearts to Christ, and join the Seventh-day Adventist® Church.

The students and volunteers that receive calls, texts, and chats at AIM are preparing their lives for ministry by sharing God’s answers to life’s questions. Their experiences here prepare them for a lifetime of witness, and in many cases for a life’s work as pastors and evangelists.

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Before beginning the application, please take the time to gather employer and reference information before you begin. Once you leave the application, your data is not stored and cannot be retrieved at a later session.

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Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Virtually all student employees at AIM start as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) and it remains a basic function of their work at AIM as long as they work here. CSRs answer the phone calls generated by Adventist Media Ministries when they advertise an 800 number. Most calls start with a specific offer for a free or purchased item. The CSR interacts with the caller to collect name and address and other order information. Many calls also involve prayer and offering Bible guides and other literature. Throughout the call the CSR is projecting a Christian spirit and seeking ways to further connect the caller with the local Adventist Church. Coaching and practice are an important part of the job to increase skills and caring service. CSRs that work hard, develop skills and prove reliable are often promoted to other positions of leadership at AIM.

*Following a trial period of 30 days of in-office work, employees will be eligible to be considered for a remote work option.

*AIM is considered an on-campus job for all Andrews University students. We are looking for people who can begin right away and continue working through the winter break as well as subsequent semesters.

*All employees are required to work at least 12 hrs per week, and can work a maximum of 20 hrs/week (with exceptions for school breaks based on individual qualifications)

*Our biggest day of the week is Sunday. Most people are searching for religious programming on Sundays so our SDA Media programs are on the air in large numbers that day. In order to have all our phones manned you need to plan on working a minimum of 6 hours every Sunday. This is usually great for students since they don’t have class that day.

*AIM is the church that’s always open. Therefore, Sabbath is our special day to minister. This is a quiet day at AIM with an emphasis on caring for our callers. Each employee is asked to sign up for Sabbath hours during the semester. The shifts are in two hour increments so there is a lot of flexibility. Expect a special blessing sharing the Good News at AIM on Sabbath.

CSR Wage Range: From $10.75


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