AIM is the multi-channel contact center for Seventh-day Adventist® media outreach in the North American Division. Our main function is to process requests, sense interested persons who may be upgraded for further studies, and refer these interests to local churches. Our personality, efficiency of process, and personal care are to be a positive influence on individuals to study Scripture, surrender their hearts to Christ, and join the Seventh-day Adventist® Church.

The students and volunteers that receive calls, texts, and chats at AIM are preparing their lives for ministry by sharing God’s answers to life’s questions. Their experiences here prepare them for a lifetime of witness, and in many cases for a life’s work as pastors and evangelists.

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Adventist Information Ministry

TITLE OF JOB: Director

DEPARTMENT: Adventist Information Ministry (AIM)

SUPERVISOR: AIM Board/ Appointed VP

LOCATION: Berrien Springs, MI

REMUNERATION GRADE/RATE 93% – 110% Regular Full-Time (Exempt)

POSITION SUMMARY: The Adventist Information Ministry (AIM) is a service ministry of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (NAD). AIM is the epicenter of interest management for the NAD, focusing on digital evangelism, interest tracking, connecting media ministry interests to the local church. AIM facilitates, empowers, and supports digital small group bible studies, online communities, and digital evangelism. AIM serves as Customer Service Management that links all institutions departments, social media platforms and digital ministries with the goal of tracking and ministering to people we encounter in the digital space.

AUTHORITY, ACCOUNTABILITY: Authority as a Department Director as defined by the North American Division Working Policy. The Director reports to the Adventist Information Ministry Board. The Director is responsible for directing the administrative activities of the Adventist Information Ministry in accordance with NAD policy and objectives. They are responsible to the corporate church body, through the AIM Board, for administration of church policy at AIM in harmony with the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Director supervises the AIM administrative team with indirect supervision of regular, part-time and student staff. The Director encourages collaboration among AIM, ALC (Adventist Learning Community) and NADEI (North American Division Evangelism Institute) to enhance ministry.

• Manage and exercise financial stewardship for a dynamic departmental budget with allocations coming from a variety of sources
• Empower, equip, and safeguard staff in a ministry that runs 16 hours a day 365 days per year
• Work with Assistant VP for Media to implement and maintain PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry) within AIM and across Media Ministries
• Optimize AIM’s physical office and hardware needs on the campus of Andrews University Enhance the quality of call center services provided to North American Division’s Media Ministries and local churches
• Review customer service platforms currently used at AIM and determine their suitability and recommend any potential replacements
• Work with Assistant VP for Media to increase functional ministry resource connections between local churches, Conferences, Unions, the Division, and the Media Ministries
• Work with Assistant VP for Media to connect local churches, Conferences, Unions, the Division, and the Media Ministries with those seeking Christ (“interests”) in the digital realm Increase the scope of AIM to facilitate, empower, and support digital small
groups, online Bible studies, and online communities for the purpose of connecting “interests” to their individual spiritual needs
• Implement and manage a customer relationship management platform (CRM) for the purposes of ensuring “interests” generated in the digital and physical realm can be followed up on and individually ministered to
• Provide digital member and interest care to NAD-owned and managed websites, social media platforms, and other outwardly facing digital ministry platforms
• Work with the Assistant VP for Media and the respective directors of AIM and NADEI to collaborate in ministry development of NADEI students, ALC training offerings, and general resource awareness

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/CREDENTIALS: Bachelor’s (BA/BS) degree or appropriate work-related experience required. Extensive experience within higher levels of church leadership advisable. Successful administrative understanding of, and innovation in, the IT realm desirable.

If interested in the above position please note that you do not need to apply using the button above. Kindly send your cover letter and resume directly to the office of the Vice President for Media: MauriceValentine@nadadventist.org.
August 26, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m.


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